French Art Nouveau Pate De Verre Set of Pewter and Glass Paste Jeweled Pair of Vases and a Bowl

Product Barcode Id: 00006043

    A set - two vases and the matching bowl - of French art glass pate de verre vases and bowl with pewter and glass paste stones. The vases are made of purple or violet pate de verre mounted in floral shaped silver pewter and jeweled with cabochon cut glass paste stones Designed in the manner of Daum, Majorelle, Schneider and Galle Style Art Nouveau / Arts and craft Origin France, 1895 - 1910, the vases are fully hand crafted!  Pâte de verre refers to glass made by a technique in which ground glass is made into a paste and then kneaded into a vessel or statue, then the design is finished by image cutting. This glass technique was already known in antiquity, and experienced a revival at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, especially in the studio of glass and jewelry designer René Lalique, Gabriel Argy - Rousseau, Henry and Jean Cros, Emile Galle, Frederick Carder and others. Bought in the South of France. Shipping is included in the price.


    • Country: France 
    • Condition: Very Good
    • Year: Late 19th Century
    • Dimensions: H vase 16.25” x H bowl 5.25” x Diameter base bottom 6” x Diameter opening 4.5” x W bowl 13” x D bowl 7”

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