Early French Realistic Still Life Oil Painting on Board Signed J B Isabey

Product Barcode Id: 00006438

    Stunning still life painting signed J B Isabey, who was an artist from Nancy, France (1767-1855). Either this is an original or a student interpretation, but it is exquisite!

    Jean-Baptiste Isabey was a gifted French painter and printmaker, and he studied under, among others, the celebrated French Neoclassical painter Jacques-Louis David and received one of his first commissions from Marie-Antoinette, Louis XVI’s consort. 

    The painting depicts a lovely still life of fruit and a painted vase, adorned with grape leaves. Later frame. Price includes shipping!


    • Country: France 
    • Condition: Very Good 
    • Year: 19th Century 
    • Dimensions: H 23.25” x W 19.25” x D 2.25”


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