17th Century Oil Painting on Copper: Attributed to Flemish Listed Artist Isaac Van Oosten Anders 1613-1661

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    Exquisite early oil painting on copper in original immaculate frame likely by Belgian Dutch listed artist Isaac Van Oosten (1613-1661), also known by Izaac van Oosten, bought in France outside Paris. Van Oosten was a Flemish Baroque landscape painter in Antwerp, and he was also also known for landscape panels on cabinets. He was strongly influenced by other Antwerp landscape painters, in particular Jan Brueghel the Elder, and contemporary Flemish painters such as Alexander KeirincxLucas van Uden and Jan Wildens. He was also influenced by the late work of Jan Brueghel the Younger to whom his work is sometimes erroneously ascribed. 

    His landscapes are simple with open spaces and mostly hilly landscapes typically filled with a pond or road and several clusters of trees. There is an overall sense of gentleness and calm in these compositions. An even, gentle light spreads over the entire painting and the trees are untouched by the wind.  

    He regularly returned to the themes of The Garden of Eden and the Creation of the Animals, themes that were introduced into Flemish landscape art by Jan Brueghel the Elder. These themes allowed him to show off his skills in painting a variety of animal species – mammals, fish and birds, as well as the imaginary unicorns. He often painted on copper (such as on this painting), the smooth surface of which allowed him to arrive at his detailed depictions of figures, flora and fauna.

    As was common practice at the time, he often collaborated with painters who specialized in particular scenic elements. Willem van Herp is believed to have painted the staffage in many of van Oosten's works. A good example of such collaboration are the two panels on the Four Elements, on which van Oosten collaborated with Pieter van Avont for the staffage and possibly Jan van Kessel the Elder for the animals and still-life elements.

    Works by van Oosten can be found in the Uffizi museum, the Museo del Prado, the Hermitage Museum, the Musee des Beaux-Arts d'Orleans, the Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes and other museums. This painting was bought in France near Paris.


    • Country: Bought in France; Flemish
    • Condition: Very Good
    • Year: 17th Century
    • Dimensions: H 20.75” x W 25.25” x D 2.25”

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