19th Century English Sunderland Lustreware Mariner's Compass Jug of Pitcher depicting the "Sailor's Farewell"

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    Early Sunderland Lustre Ware Sailor's Farewell Pitcher or Jug circa 1840. Beautiful Mariner's Compass on one side, and scene on the other depicts a Sailor preparing to go to sea. Quote:

    "Sweet oh sweet is that sensation.

    Where two heart in union meet:

    But the pain of separation

    Mingles bitter with the sweet."

    Sunderland lustreware is a type of pottery that was first developed in the city of Sunderland in England during the early 19th century. The pottery is characterized by its glossy, iridescent finish, which is created by applying a metallic lustre to the surface of the pottery. Sunderland lustreware was extremely popular during the Victorian era, and many of the pieces that were produced during this time are now considered to be collectors’ items.

    The history of Sunderland lustreware begins with John Wilkinson, who was the first to develop the technique for applying the lustre finish. Wilkinson was a potter who had moved to Sunderland from Yorkshire in 1817. He began experimenting with different metallic oxides in order to create a glaze that would give his pottery a unique sheen. Wilkinson was successful in his experiments, and he eventually developed a lustreware glaze that became known as “Sunderland lustre”.

    Sunderland lustreware quickly became popular, and Wilkinson’s pottery factory began to produce large quantities of the pottery. The pottery was exported all over the world, and it became especially popular in America. Many of the pieces that were produced during the early years of Sunderland lustreware are now highly prized by collectors.

    The popularity of Sunderland lustreware began to decline in the early 20th century, as other pottery styles became more fashionable. However, the pottery has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, as collectors have begun to appreciate the unique beauty of the pottery. Sunderland lustreware is now considered to be among the finest pottery in the world, and it is highly sought after by collectors.

    Excellent antique condition. Price includes shipping!


    • Country: UK
    • Condition: Very Good
    • Year: 1840s
    • Dimensions: H 5.75” x Diameter opening 3 7/8” x W including handle and spout 7” x Diameter bottom 3.25”

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