Early Oak Welsh Wardrobe/Armoire 17th/18th Century Livery/Tack, Harness Hall Cupboard

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Bought in the South of England, this is a fabulous early oak Welsh wardrobe was likely used in fine houses for storage of livery, tack and harnesses - an early "mud room cubby". This old and roomy cupboard is made in solid oak. The two carved panels doors enclose a deep cupboard, and inside we still have wooden pegs. Each of the doors has a carved panel, with three panels below just above the two drawers. This is a sound and a very good looking piece with an excellent patina, it would work very well as a hall wardrobe. Good condition, some cracks commensurate with age. Gorgeous patina!


  • Country: Wales
  • Condition: Good
  • Year: 1790
  • Dimensions: H 74” x W 53” x D 21”

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