Auguste Moreau (1834-1917) Pair of Signed French Art Nouveau Sculptural Fishing Figural Vases

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    A beautifully sculpted pair of French vases by listed artist Auguste Moreau (1834-1917), each depicting a figure fishing, and each individually signed. The boy figure is casting a net full of fish, while fish, including a large bass, swim nearby. The female figure is also fishing with a fishing rod, and fish are lurking nearby as well. Beautifully detailed figure and water, including the fishing nets with fish in both! A bit about the artist: Auguste Moreau is a well known listed French artist and sculptor (born 22 February 1834 in Dijon, and died 11 November 1917 in Malesherbes). The third son of sculptor and painter Jean Baptiste Moreau and the younger brother of sculptor Hippolyte Moreau and Mathurin Moreau, Auguste initiated himself to sculpture along with his older brother Mathurin. His subjects were primarily genre scenes, pastorals, and allegories; his style was realistic and graceful, revealing his relation to the other members of the Moreau dynasty. The artist was taught by his father and was introduced by him in the craftwork of sculpture. He probably knew few of the famous artists, who graduated at the "École des Beaux-Arts". Among them are Henri Matisse and the carver Georges Gimel. Auguste Moreau even developed a special style of filigree figures during his further artistic training and development. His works were first exhibited in 1861; therefore he became well-known very early. Auguste Moreau had points of contact with the arts décoratifs, but he was more interested in the Art Nouveau. He became an important representative of this artistic trend that is marked by its floral motifs and ornaments, curved lines and the demand to melt life together with art; he worked in this style, designing filigree sculptures, figures and busts that seem very naturally and detailed. These extraordinary vases exemplify some of his best work!


    • Country: France 
    • Condition: Very Good
    • Year: Late 19th C
    • Dimensions: H 14.5” x Diameter 7.5” x Diameter opening 2.25”

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