Antique 97-Piece British Royal Staffordshire Red & White Transferware China Service

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This lovely antique 97-Piece Royal Staffordshire Pottery England red & white transferware china set was crafted by the storied porcelain maker in the Jenny Lind pattern which made its first appearance in 1795. The pattern which was transferred onto the surface of the pottery prior to final glazing, depicts a wide variety of lavish scenery and activities of the affluent in a very romantic overall theme. Particular attention was paid to the serving pieces so that even with the lids off, or viewing the piece from all angles, a splendid presentation was maintained. Rare to find in this condition with so many pieces of the original set surviving!


  • Country: UK
  • Condition:
  • Year:
  • Dimensions:
    1 Large Platter: W 15.75" x D 12.25"
    1 Medium Platter: W 13.75" x D 11.25"
    15 Large Plates: Diameter 10.25"
    11 Medium Plates: Diameter 8"
    18 Small Plates: Diameter 6.75"
    15 Saucer Plates: Diameter 6"
    8 Small Saucer Plates: Diameter 5"
    2 Large Bowls: H 2.25" x Diameter 8.75"
    8 Small Bowls: H 1.5" x Diameter 8"
    14 Teacups: H 2.25" x Diameter 3.75"
    1 Covered Dish: H 6.5" x W 10" x D 9"
    1 Sugar Dish: H 4" x W 6.5" x D 4.5"
    1 Cream Dish: H 3" x W 5.5" x D 3.5"
    1 Gravy Dish: H 4" x W 8" x D 2.75"

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