19th Century Rooster Weather Vane Mounted on Stand

Product Barcode Id: 00005927

    As found in Maine, this full of character metal rooster weathervane has been mounted on an antique board. The condition is very good with minor wear and rust. This folk art American rooster weathervane is a charming and iconic symbol of traditional craftsmanship. Showcasing a dimensionally sculpted hollow body, complete with intricate details that bring the rooster to life, its large tail feathers are spread proudly, catching the wind in a whimsical dance. The rooster stands atop a former directional arrow, pointing the way. Weathervanes played a practical and decorative role in American culture: They adorned rooftops, providing both a functional purpose of indicating wind direction as well as a decorative expression of personal style. These folk art weathervanes not only showcased the skill and ingenuity of their creators but also became cherished symbols of Americana, serving as a charming and nostalgic reminder of a bygone era, adding character and a touch of Americana to any space it graces. Great patina!


    • Country: USA
    • Condition: Very Good
    • Year: 19th C
    • Dimensions: H 27.75” x W 21” x D 4”

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