19th Century English Stoneware Spirit Barrel: Sherry

Product Barcode Id: 00003941

An English stoneware spirit barrel from the mid-19th century. The glazed body is shaped like a barrel decorated with low-reliefs depicting the United Kingdom’s royal coat of arms, complete with a lion on the left and a unicorn on the right. Above each of the coat of arms sits a curved plaque decorated with a floral motif. The plaque reads Sherry. The lower section the barrel is complete with its spigot. Each (there is a matching barrel marked Whiskey) of these nicely decorated light brown colored English stoneware barrels from circa 1850 would decorate beautifully any chest of drawers, table or buffet.


  • Country: UK
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Year: 1850
  • Dimensions: H 11” x Diameter 7.5” x Diameter top/bottom 6”

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